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Laser hair removal in Vaughan, Toronto

The Soprano ice Platinum is a safe laser hair removal treatment for all skin types. Hair follicles are weakened by short repetitive burst of energy. These pulsations minimize the risk of injury to the surrounding skin. The laser device we use, is clinically proven and virtually painless.

Laser Hair Removal Services

Safe and sound from head to toe

For all skin types

Our laser device is adapted for all skin types. The skin is gradually brought to the therapeutically required level of heat build-up which is then delivered to the hair follicles. Laser hair removal with the “Soprano Ice Platinum TM” is the most effective state-of-the-art hair removal system available, including our guests with darker skin color.

In motion technology

During treatment energy is applied to an area greater than the hair follicles. The “In-Motion TM” technology heats and weakens the hair follicles in the area thereby ensuring complete coverage and dramatically improving treatment results.

State of the art technology

Super Hair Removal technology is a hair laser hair removal technique using short laser pulses at a high repetition rate. These pulses minimize the risk of injury to the surrounding skin tissue by delivering heat build-up deep inside the dermis to levels necessary to prevent hair re-growth.

Tanned skin

Our laser device acts on the melanin of the skin thanks to a proven technology which allows us to perform the treatment any time of the year even on tanned skin. In addition, this technological approach also provides the skin with better sun tolerance thereafter.



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Soprano Ice

The laser device we use, the Soprano Ice Platinum™ is a
clinically proven device that is virtually painless. The unique
heating and energy delivery method effectively weakens the
hair follicle and prevents re-growth, while preventing injury
to the surrounding tissue. At the same time, ICE tech cools
the skin’s surface, preventing superficial lesions and
providing as much comfort as possible.

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