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Perform Art – Trait d’art technology rental


Pain-free treatments and unmatched perforation quality

Revolutionary transdermal technology manufactured and designed in Canada. The TRAIT D’ART© technology allows for precise needle movement while ensuring highly safe skin puncture and removal without causing skin tears.

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Technology Trait d’Art™

TRAIT D’ART© technology is the result of many years of rigorous research into the mechanisms of skin perforation used in the beauty care industry. The ultimate goal: pain reduction.

This research has led to the development of a high-precision technology to improve the quality of skin perforation to overcome the problem of permanent skin damage caused by existing devices.

Revolutionary transdermal technology

Seven years of R&D, observing and testing the mechanisms of commercially available devices, led Perform’Art to develop its own technology, described as revolutionary by the National Research Council of Canada (NRC). In 2002, Perform Art’s equipment was created in collaboration with the NRC and mechanical and electronic engineers.

The TRAIT D’ART© technology allows for precise needle movement, ensuring highly safe puncturing and removal of the skin without causing skin tears.

The Dermograph

Quality, performance and innovation

  • Puncture quality without creating skin damage.
  • Healing not apparent.
  • Exceptional pain reduction.
  • Provides hand stability during the procedure.
  • Pigmentation line accuracy with precision of movement.
  • Obtains a regularity of the pigmentation lines.
  • Gives more impact to the insertion.
  • Better absorption of the product. Ease of use.
  • Superior Warranty
  • Established reputation in the field
  • Better customer experience
  • Increased sales due to favourable customer experience
  • Possibility of different number of needles
  • High quality materials (robust and durable)
  • Splash-free


Transdermal care systems

This revolutionary technology, with its unique patented mechanism, allows to obtain a high impact at low speed in addition to the precision of the needle’s movement.

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